Sea ray

Strategy / Look and Feel / Tone and Voice / Photo Direction / Design and Art Direction



An economic downturn had been chipping away at global yacht sales for years, and an increasing number of European manufacturers were attracting customers to a cleaner, more modern aesthetic. 

Sea Ray realized that it needed to reposition itself to appeal to a new generation of boating enthusiasts, while leaning on it's deep heritage and a long track record of product innovation and award-winning quality.

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Prior to repositioning, the brand focused more on the spaces and features of the boats than the experience of being on a boat.



Nine months of discovery, distillation and design led us to "Launch into Living", a call-to-action that promises new adventures, and a visual expression that focuses not on the boat itself, but on the feeling of being on a boat, and authentic moments shared with family and friends.


Four hundred pages of catalog goodness became the proving ground for a new look and feel.

Armed with mood boards, comprehensive shot lists and a crew of photographers, stylists and talent, we spent an entire summer between three locations capturing slices of life on the water. From interior staging to how talent behaved in front of the lens, every shot was scrutinized to ensure that we stayed true to our mission of freedom, adventure and authenticity.


Agency: VSA Partners / Photography: Ryan Streveler / Retouching: Filtre Studio and Midcoast Studio